Luxury waxing in Taunton

Jan 24, 2020

Pain free luxury waxing, that’s the dream right?
After spending heaps of time researching the perfect wax for our clients, it’s safe to say we found it. Facial waxing, body and intimate
If you’re looking for waxing in Taunton, we have got you covered
Ashmira Botanical is such a fantastic product. Hot wax, strip and peelable that can remove even the shortest of hairs cleanly and is super kind to the skin. 
The pre and post care products are a real skin care treat, packed full of botanicals free from parabens, mineral oil and vegan friendly.
Each product cares for the skin, helping to prevent and cure ingrown hairs as well as calming and taking down redness. This means you can pop out on your lunch break for a wax and your colleagues will be none the wiser.
It’s safe to say we are in love with Ashmira Botanical and you will be too.
What’s even better is they are a small independent based in Somerset. Shopping local never felt so good.
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