Event Makeup

Whether it’s a night out with the girls or a hot date, having your make up done by a professional will leave you feeling amazing.

You won’t have to worry about your makeup fading throughout the night, or dealing with the stress of trying to apply false lashes. This 1 hour service includes a full face application and false lashes if desired. 

Why not get a group together and share the experience with a glass of fizz.

60 mins – £45


Makeup Lessons

Each lesson comes with a complete step by step product list, with recommendations of products and brushes used during your lesson.


The Personal Makeup Lesson is perfect for someone looking to learn the basics of self-application and improve their overall confidence in applying makeup. This lesson will teach you the techniques necessary to achieve flawless, professional looking makeup. This lesson covers one complete makeup look; including how to choose the right foundation for your skin type, how to subtly contour & highlight for your face shape, how to create the perfect blended eyeshadow look, and how to apply liner & lashes.

You will be given a list of recommend products, that are perfect for your skin tone and budget, so you can re create this perfect look.

90 mins – £65


The Glam Lesson is ideal for someone wanting to learn how to create the perfect ‘Instagram’ makeup look. We will take you through all the steps of creating a polished, professional look and show you all of the tips and tricks. This lesson is suitable for clients who prefer more of a heavy glam makeup look.

This lesson covers one complete look, how to create a striking contour & highlight, a detailed eye look and blend multiple eyeshadow colours seamlessly, as well as how to create a flawless full coverage base.

You will be given a list of recommend products, that are perfect for your skin tone and budget, so you can re create this perfect look.

120 mins – £70

Bridal Makeup

The Trial

The trial is so important as it will allow us to experiment with different styles of makeup and find the look that’s just right for you. During the trial we will talk in detail about your dress, accessories and colour scheme to find the perfect look.

We will be able to determine which products will last the longest on your specific skin type and what style of makeup you prefer. During the trial, we will discuss the benefits of subtle contouring & highlighting techniques to beautifully enhance your features and how the makeup will photograph. We will talk you through each stage of application and provide a complete list of products used during your bridal trial.

90 mins – £45

On The Day

During your trial we will have discussed all options, leaving you feeling confident and relaxed on your special day. We will travel to your chosen location and provide all essential products including skincare and false eyelashes, if desired. We will have already planned an itinerary for the morning, ensuring everything will run smoothly. The technique and products used mean that your makeup will look flawless from morning until night, both in person and in photographs. The makeup we create on your wedding day will be the exact same as during your trial, or if you choose to make any last minute changes to the look, then this can easily be done.

60 mins – £70 (travel charges may apply)

Bridesmaid Makeup

The makeup for your bridal party members is equally as important as your own, and should beautifully compliment the theme of your wedding as well as the style of their bridesmaid dresses. During your bridal trial, we will discuss the chosen look for your bridal party members. You have the option for all bridal party members to have a uniform makeup look, or if you would prefer for them to choose their own personal styles of makeup this can also be accommodated. Each bridal party member will receive a complimentary pair of luxury lashes, if desired.

60 mins – £45

Wedding Guest Makeup

If any of your wedding guests or family members would also like to have their makeup done, we can easily include them in the booking party. For mothers and grandmothers of the bride/groom, we are able to offer a more subtle look which is age appropriate. . All wedding guest makeup includes a pair of luxury lashes, if desired. All wedding guest trials are charged at £45 per person.

60 mins £45

For more information contact Lauren
info@beauxhealthandwellbeing.co.uk or 07708 586255